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Our story

Story of Pivo

1st Prototype

Aug 2014

Frustration & Innovation

Meet Ken. He is an avid photographer and loves to capture everything in 360. Finding current solutions expensive, difficult and mediocre, Ken did what any frustrated inventor would do. He took his kitchen timer, a selfie stick and glued together a dinky, but working prototype. Awesome.

2nd Prototype

Jan 2016

End of an Era. The Birth of an App.

Pretty quickly, his team realized that with robust hardware and a dedicated mobile app the prototype could totally democratize 360 photography. Pivo was born.

3rd Prototype

May 2017

The Team

Word spread, attracting 360 enthusiasts for beta use. With awesome feedback, Pivo continued to improve and the team begin reaching out to manufacturers to give it a fresh new look.

Jun 2017

Broken Relationship.

Pivo's first market test showed good results, but it wasn't good enough for us. We wanted Pivo to be better. We spent that summer looking for a new manufactuer that could meet our high standards.

Sep 2017

New Love

By the end of the summer, Pivo had finally found a manufacturer with a track record for delivering high quality products on time and on budget. This wasn't another summer fling. It was a perfect match.

4th Prototype

Nov 2017

Market Test

With 993 units packed and ready to go (*ahem* still looking for the missing 7...), the team began shipping Pivo to 800 international VR enthusiasts who created over 10,000 scenes (still creating!). With constant feedback, development begin speeding up.

Apr 2018

Our second market test saw Pivo being used in ways we could not have imagined. Inspired and excited, we got to work- adding new features like motion tracking, voice activation and awesomely dynamic modes like ManyMe and VS.

5th Prototype

Nov 2018

Kickstarter Campaign Launch

Pivo is now ready to let you express and share your creativity without limits. Only on Kickstarter.

Dec 2018

Kickstarter Exclusive Mass Production

Ramping up production and packaging.

Jan 2019

Early Bird Delivery

Shipping out Pivo for early backers.

Feb 2019

Final Delivery

Shipping out the rest of Pivo to backers.

February sales. Only while STOCKS LAST.