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Pivo Affiliate Program Guidelines
Commission Income Rates
The commission accrued will correspond with the rate specified below. Percentages vary by the number of customers you successfully refer.
0-10 referrals
4% of the final purchased price
11-50 referrals
5% of the final purchased price
51+ referrals
7% of the final purchased price

*The commission will be calculated based on the customer’s final purchased price (including discount, excluding shipping fee).
E.g. I referred a Pivo Pod Silver to a friend, which was $149.99 USD, as a first referral.
The commission will be -> $149.99*4%=$6.00
E.g. I referred a Stadard Pack Black to a friend, which was $466.99 USD, as the 20th referral.
The commission will be -> $446.99*5%=$23.35

Before you sign up as a Pivo Affiliate, make sure you have read and understood our program guidelines. Failing to follow them will result in the suspension of your affiliate benefits.

Please note that commission rates are subject to change due to fluctuation of pricing from sales and other commercial events. The amount you receive per order is dependent on the price of the product at the moment of sale. The estimate provided is based on the average commission rate given from sales.

We'll track customer cookies when they visit Pivo through your referral link. As long as they make a purchase within 7 days, you will get credit for the sale.

All affiliates are assigned referral links to our main domain eu.getpivo.com Affiliates also have the option to become an affiliate for specific domains that match with your audience. If you would like a customized affiliate link, please email us at affiliate@getpivo.com and we will assign you a customized affiliate link to a subdomain ( eu.pivoriders.com , etc.) or localized domain ( es.getpivo.com, nl.pivoriders.com , etc.).

As of August 2020, Pivo neither partners with coupon site operators to promote our product nor offers customized coupon codes for individual affiliates to promote. If you are planning to advertise your referral link on a particular website, email us at affiliate@getpivo.com to confirm that it abides by our guidelines.

If you are enrolled in our program and participate in PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising, you must adhere to our PPC guidelines. We have a strict no tolerance policy on PPC trademark bidding. You will forfeit all commissions for a minimum of the past 30 days and your commission will be set to 0% without warning if you engage in PPC trademark bidding that uses our trademarked terms.

We don't allow conversions through your referral link if the purchase came from yourself. It's considered abuse and will lead to your link being suspended.
Pivo’s Affiliate Program is a simple way to generate new revenue. As a Pivo Affiliate, you earn a commission on every purchase made by customers you refer. We are interested in partnering with creative businesses, websites, and individuals that share our passion for mobile content creation.
Yes! Everyone can join the Pivo Affiliate program. Sign up here:
Earn up to $30 in commission on every sale. Commission rates vary by the number of customers you have successfully referred.
Yes. Amazon Associates can also refer Pivo through Amazon. Click here to visit our Amazon store.
We pay our affiliates on the 7th of every month via PayPal for all commissions earned – regardless of the amount. There will be 1-3 days delay if the payday falls on weekends or holidays. Please make sure to add your PayPal account information to avoid delays in the payments.
No. Paypal is the only payout method supported.
Due to the location of our warehouses, and to ensure a smooth shipping process, our website is set up as two regions, Global and Europe. In order for your conversions to be properly registered under your account, your followers need to use the correct link for their region. You can register for both regions to expand your conversions reach.
No. We don't allow conversions through your referral link if you placed your own order. It's considered abuse and leads to suspension.
You can track your progress or make changes to your account through the affiliate dashboard. You can find the link to your dashboard in the welcome email you received after signing up.
Yes. In your affiliate dashboard you will find a section called ‘Marketing Tools’, here you will find images you can use to promote your link. However, keep in mind that you can’t participate in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) bidding or promote your code on coupon sites. For more information read our program guidelines
If you have any questions about the Pivo Affiliate Program and how it works you can contact us at affiliate@getpivo.com. Our dedicated team will be happy to assist you.